Перехват заданий печати на CUPS (виртуальный принтер на Python)

Задача — все поступающие задания на принтер перехватывать, сохранять в том виде, в котором они пришли, анализировать, раскидывать по другим принтерам.
В данной статье будет рассмотрено создание виртуального принтера, перехват, сохранение, и пример печати сохраненных задач на выбранный принтер.
Анализ поступивших файлов, разбор, мониторинг через WEB рассмотрен будет в других статьях.

Перехват печати CUPS
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How to rename file names in Windows using a pattern

Occasionally you need to rename a heap of photos or mp3 files or movies, in order to use it with something different — mp3 player or e-reader or something, storing just parts of their names, such a chapter or track numbers. Here’s a simple vbs script to help you — just copy it to a notepad, set appropriate settings, save it to a file with «.vbs» extension, such a «test.vbs» and double-click it. That’s all.


Win 7

Turn WIN7 theme off (when windows doesn’t want to)

Setup e-mail account (when Outllok (2007) doesn’t work and there’s no e-mai icon in Control Panel)



VirtualBox autostart in background (Win 7)

Add path to your VirtualBox installed folder to Environment Variables start->Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->advanced->Environment Variables


Then open your startup folder. You may get there using menu or go through folders.  In my case, full path to it is C:\Users\samsung\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup startup
Next, create new file there — it must have  .cmd   or  .bat   extension. Be sure you checked off the needed option at the Folder Options. Call the file the way you like. forlder_options
Copy this text to the file — set your virtual machine name as you called during creating of VM


Reboot your computer. You’ll see black window for a moment at start, and after it’ll disappear. Your VM now works in truly background.







How to find all files in a current directory created less than N minuts (hours/days/years) ago using VBS & WMI

Very simple!

All you need is to change some of the options in the head of the script: