Kali linux — install tor server and make ssh & nmap go through it

Add these repos to your sources.list

Import keys, update, install



VirtualBox autostart in background (Win 7)

Add path to your VirtualBox installed folder to Environment Variables start->Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->advanced->Environment Variables


Then open your startup folder. You may get there using menu or go through folders.  In my case, full path to it is C:\Users\samsung\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup startup
Next, create new file there — it must have  .cmd   or  .bat   extension. Be sure you checked off the needed option at the Folder Options. Call the file the way you like. forlder_options
Copy this text to the file — set your virtual machine name as you called during creating of VM


Reboot your computer. You’ll see black window for a moment at start, and after it’ll disappear. Your VM now works in truly background.







Get records for work shift (24 hour, 9 am — 9 am Oracle)


How to create cards of foreign words easily

Anyone, who learns foreign language has to remember plenty of words, and this can be very difficult. One of techniques of remembering words includes cards — you see either word or its translation (or description), and have to remember it’s original (or translation).

If you don’t want to waste your time preparing special document to print and cut it, you may take mine. It works very easily — you fill the first spreadsheet with words(I do it when I meet new words, when I’ve met enough words I print it), and computer makes cards for you.

  • Step 1 — add words (word, transcription,translation,description optional). You can work in this document or create  your own copy, it doesn’t matter
  • Step 2 — check ready cards and print them

  • Print them — pay attention these sheets are optimised to double-side printing. If your printer can’t print them this way you’ll have to turn sheets manually.
  • Cut
  • Learn


And here is the link: link

A dirty trick about oxforddictionaries

Well, I have to use this really great on-line dictionary, though I can find it rather annoying — to click each time into search input field to make it active. But we live in amazing time, huh? So this little optimization may take around 5 minutes (for Firefox, as my default browser).

  1. Install GreesyMonkey plug-in
  2. Add a new script
  3. And write a piece of code